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Optimizing Every Second with HR Automation. HR Software Singapore.

Pilot initiative

Members from the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce gathered for QuickHR’s first HR workshop with HR Tech blogger Adrian Tan and QuickHR’s CEO Suki Bajaj as the key speakers

On 7 March 2018, QuickHR held its first HR workshop at the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry attended by more than 35 working professionals. Key speakers include QuickHR’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Suki Bajaj and Principal Advisor to The Resource Group, Adrian Tan.

As the world march towards 2020, a year which will see millennials take up 35% of the global workforce, the way of work has to change.

In his sharing, QuickHR’s CEO Suki Bajaj highlighted the important aspects that would create the most ideal workplace for these people and technology plays a vital part. As the backbone of most organizations, it is important for HR to be part of this change; automating HR is the way forward.

The second part of the workshop was steered by Adrian Tan, an HR Tech blogger with over 15 years of entrepreneur experience in the industry and also an HR Entrepreneur of the Year award recipient in 2013.

Preparing HR Departments for 2020

Adrian’s sharing was primarily focused on what HR departments can expect to see in 2020 and what businesses should do to start preparing themselves for it.

In an article released by Straits Times, survey results showed that Singapore office workers proved to be the least productive among 11 countries. Administrative tasks such as manually collating and entering data, tracking their project status, handling invoices and submitting expenses, and planning travel were attributed as the main hindrance.

With the rise of smart tech, we are seeing more AI-powered processes in various HR functions from headhunting, candidate screening, employee engagement, project management, and more.

QuickHR in the market

QuickHR identifies itself as a disruptor in the HR industry. Developed to automate traditional HR processes such as payroll, leave, claims, timesheets, and reports, QuickHR presents to users a never before seen or experienced user interface that can get work done in seconds.

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  • Increased use of tech and automation
  • Emphasis on the Employee Experience
  • Work-life balance with remote work

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