HR News and Updates | January 2022

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HR News and Updates for January 2022.

Setting Talent Acquisition Goals for the New Year

As 2022 begins, talent acquisition teams must set the right goals for the year ahead. JazzHR asked HR professionals and business leaders about their future plans.

QuickHR’s Founder and Managing Director, Suki Bajaj, is featured as one of the business leaders who shared valuable insights to help HR teams set talent acquisition goals for the new year.

This includes accelerating the hiring process by establishing multiple sourcing channels to attract a wider and more diverse talent pool. To easily manage these channels in one platform, HR professionals are encouraged to consider using a comprehensive recruitment management system.

Singapore’s Labour Market Is Recovering Steadily as the Unemployment Rate Continued on Downward Trend

The labour market is recovering steadily as the unemployment rate recorded in November stood at 2.5%, slightly lower than October’s 2.6%, according to Singapore’s Manpower Research and Statistics Department (MRSD).

Minister for Manpower Tan See Leng encouraged employers with hiring needs to consider a wider pool of job seekers and invest in developing the skills of their new hires.

By investing in an all-inclusive applicant tracking software, hiring managers can streamline their recruitment process and focus more on developing the skills of new hires.

Facebook Contractors Threaten a Work Stoppage over Lost Paychecks Due to a Recent Change in Payroll Providers

Facebook contractors at an Accenture site experienced missing holiday paychecks and have threatened a work stoppage if the situation is not resolved. The unfortunate event happened when the Accenture site switched payroll providers and encountered some unanticipated challenges during their first payroll run with the new provider.

In order to prevent such a tough case from happening, it’s important to choose a payroll provider who has a dedicated support team to guide you through the handover process.

QuickHR ensures reliable customer support with an experienced team who will fully guide you through the onboarding process — from data migration, training, and walking you through your first pay run.

Virtual Work Environment Applicable in Every Era and in Every Business

Steve Boese has somehow foreseen the future of HR as he takes us to a throwback to 2011 when he spoke about the advent of a virtual work environment at that year’s HR Technology Conference. It’s fascinating how the shared ideas of smart and forward-thinking HR professionals from a decade ago reflect our current situation.

This just shows that these ideas are applicable in every era and in every business. As a result, HR teams are encouraged to focus on improving the remote/hybrid working arrangements by considering implementing essential HR technologies for employee attendance tracking, payroll, leave management and benefits administration.

Setting Boundaries at Work for a Healthy Work Environment

In our poll conducted on LinkedIn last week, the majority of voters said that they wanted to prioritise Employee Wellness in the year 2022.

An insightful article by Christine Shiba shares a practical approach for setting boundaries as an employee — presenting a timely reminder on the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance whether you’re WFH or back in the office.

QuickHR Featured in HRTech.SG’s ‘Digital Transformation Playbook for the People Function

QuickHR is honoured to announce that a case study of how QuickHR streamlined Haniffa’s payroll and HR processes have been featured on the HRTech.SG’s ‘Digital Transformation Playbook for the People Function’.

Our team feels proud to see many of our clients adopting digital solutions and pursuing business growth despite the challenges. As we witness their stories of success, we truly believe that digital transformation is the future of the HR industry.

The Digital Transformation Playbook covers case studies, practical tips, insights, and other materials that your HR teams can use to start their technology journey towards improving business workflow.

P.S. You can find us on page 22!

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